OSW: Jazz

One of my favorite classic jazz pieces.    My HS band played this piece but as we had no violins the violin solo was translated to flute and it was mine.

Sunday Soothing: Romance

Wandering in warm swirls The heart lifts, soars in concert Beat slow dance of love   Swaying to music Sultry, silky sensuous Imagine sunshine  

Wistful Thinking

On gray autumn days Memory wanders To the wishful Lingers on the wistful If different paths were taken If other events had not happened Memories swirl like blowing leaves

The General sense of things

This qualifies as an Old Skool Wednesday two-fer, it also speaks to how I feel about how things are going.   Then again;  

Hmmmm priorities?

Hmmm, hurricane a-coming, lots of local flooding happening and an evacuation order in place what do you grab?           Well one South Carolina woman had the answer: her dog and two pizzas out of the fridge. news story & video

OSW: Summertime

As the season wanes and winds down soon switching to shovelling from mowing; slightly different muscles but the same grumbles.