And another year rolls around

In this month In the year of our Lord 2010 Arrived in the land of thoughts a iconoclast One raised by a scientist who by curiousity about history, archeology and math Came to the belief that out of primordial soup we did...

Update on Tony

Just talked with his lady wife and she said I could pass this information on to his friends and well wishers here on Thought.  "He's doing OK he will be in hiospital many another week then will go to a phsc hospital to regulate his meds  he is still...

OSW: Soothing Dream

A timeless melody that draws out a longing desire to sail away from the chaos and turmoil around us.    

For friends of Tony

An update on his health has been posted by his daughter and can be seen at You can either leave your well wishes there or here.

A provoking quote (9)

This one from one of my most admired authors: “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise.  We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” - C.S. Lewis What with some saying that there is no...

The Aussies are at it again!

There is one bit of Aussie cuisine that never truly caught on.  That is their "love" of the sandwich spread Vegemite.  I certainly have never "acquired" the taste.  Well there are some Aussies that are causing the government downunder to propose to...

OSW: Acappella

A 1930's favorite done by a 1960's acappella singing group.  

A provoking quote (8)

To hold a pen is to be at war. ~ Voltaire   They can be against another but it really hurts when we war with ourselves.  Be careful in your word choice for there will be some you will have to eat.