OSW: ~I wish~

Two versions of the same song 1960's   and 20 years later  

What counts?

Is it "the most toys" or is it the image presented?  No these things are but illusions.  What counts is something which many today shy away from discussing or taking the time and effort to obtain - a good character.  Here are a few cogent thoughts...

NB: It's baroque

A bit flowery given to playful drama lightly dancing sound

Sunday Soothing: Silence

In silent reverie wander In winters depth as the earth rests Gathering itself to burst forth in the glory of spring The mind travels back To the riches of fall To the heat of summer What was and was not Then takes flight into...

OSW: 2525

Somewhat darkling view That has been brought to memory Prognostications  

Understanding & Respect

Something we need Something that would make life a little bit sweeter Understanding & Respect for the differences For no two are the same For no two see things exactly alike A dull dishwater world it would be if  each was a copy...


The start of a new year like the rising of the dawn It offers bright hopes It can be a turning from travails and apprehensions to brighter times and better climes learning from what past taking with us the good and forgiving...