It is a puzzlement

As we go through life We all want to be normal and fear we are not   Scurrying around Wondering what is gone wrong Weirdly a relief   When society says See doctors there are pills for your strangenesses   You no...

Sunday Soothing: Confidence

In my rebelion  I lose sight of the love That surrounds me For if I just look to see There is one before me Providing guidance setting the standards And right by my side stands one Ready and eager to pick me up when I fall ...

ST: A Question

In the United States, male fraud is any fraudulent scheme to intentionally deprive another of honest services via male.   This being so if the partner for the evening does not live up to specifications advertised could that be "male fraud"?

The Other Sue's Quotes (38)

Who knew that could be analogous to baseball?  Well this quote from the "Old Perfessor" 'Casey' Stengel puts that blank to rest! "The team has come along slow but fast."

Requesting an answer

Across the spectrum Varigated Activists Lucidly Evoking Nuanced Tales Infinitely Narrated Eagerly or Valiant          Adventurers  Laughingly   Evincing        Naughty        Teasing          ...

ST & OSW: a double double

A very small thing Signifies so very much The kiss unlocks much From her point of view?   From his point of view?  

Now isn't this incredible

One of the challenging jobs in the kitchen is to perfectly peel the eggs when making deviled eggs.  It usually takes a lot of patience, cussing and at least 3 more eggs than you intend to make.  Now they show me how quick and easy it can be!  Anybody...