Journeying onward!

Oh what lucky girl wanting for no material need loving family Enjoying learning loving music nature and books! "Daddy-long legs" why do you talk down? Why don't you run with the crowd? Why don't you rebel and rant? ...

Few Fun Feline questions

A few fun and silly questions to see how well acquainted with cats you might be.   1. What religious festival is popular with cats everywhere? 2. What is the country popular with cats? 3. What is the capital of their native country ...

Cantankerous? YouTube

True ballad written by Steve Romanoff about a very colorful American naval hero. This wonderful ballad is from their album "Classic Schoo...

What is bouncy, trouncy & flouncy?

Tricky        Instigator    Gladdening   Gracious      Entertaining Ribald        Sweet        tiggers that's who

The other Sue's quotes (15)

They’ve finally come up with the perfect office computer. If it makes a mistake, it blames another computer. - Milton Berle Could that be the problem?  I have a lonely office computer?