Tuesday Deception?

Once upon a time those on the "in" said that there was no difference those on the "in" encourage free and easy no attachments Yet Why Why so unsatisfying? Before the revolution it was restrictive and inhibited ...

A perjorative?

          To hear the way many use the word conservative one would think it an evil word along with other great maledictions and cussings.  So let's break down the the word.  It is made up of the verb to conserve and the suffix -ative.  Let's take...

Sunday Soothing: Cheerful

Some say that the thing you think on before sleeping sets the tone for the coming day!  

A couple of provoking Quotes.

From the pen of a 20th century British journalist, author and satirist who started out as a supporter of socialism and secularism but through observing them in practice as a spy during World War II and as a reporter in Moscow during the early 1930's...

Because the March lion

As the March lion roars in with another dose of cold and snowing   Mind anticipates Eagerly awaiting spring Blue skies and flowers