No names

No matter how hard No matter how long No matter the reasons Every once and a while Some one just beyond redemption by our efforts so the best we can do is - - -

Good to Remember

 "Cause I got friends on all bases, from the Navy up to the Air Force aces, and the Army greens, Coast Guard and Marines"  

On this day in 1955

A part-time construction worker visits the studios of Chess Records and cuts his first record, a souped-up version of a traditional fiddle tune given new lyrics, a new title, and an unforgettable guitar riff.  Popular music was never the same again....

It is not a simple job

All of us hope to be the best mother we can be. It is a daunting undertaking no matter which way you slice it, especially when one considers the skillset that one will be called on to use.  Here are just a few that will be called for:          ...