I like language

I find it frustrating at times that a familiarity with a large vocabulary and its usage is considered snobbery and a put down to others around.  Yet the smaller vocabulary is hindered in its descriptive abilities and precision of concepts as many...

A provoking quote (7)

"The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values." William Ralph Inge The surest way to bore a student to tears is to recite ad infinitum dates, facts, and data.  The problem is that anything that smacks of values is immediately...

A provoking thought (5)

We all recognize that there exist in this world some very evil and vile ways of thinking and acting.  Some of these have some highly recognizable symbols.  Would it be better if those symbols were banned and prohibited so that one has no way of...

Sunday Soothing: Father

for his sons he is Fearless     for his daughters he is Adoring                  for his wife he is Teamleader for his family he is Head                    for his home he is Enduring         for his world he is Responsible      

A provoking thought (4)

What is it you have that has the greatest value?      I hold that it is not gold or material things for they with work can be regained if lost.  But it is the esteem you and others hold your name in, for rarely can that be regained if lost.  Also,...

The magic of hugs

Healing          Unlooked for   Given freely     Sweet warmth     "life isn't always pretty sometimes you have to hug the ugly out of it" ~ anonymous

Sunday Soothing: Dreaming

Warm nights Moonlight rising over the trees Companion Reminiscing Sharing self in friendship Closeness Making plans and laughing

OSW: Heat

when thermometer won't cooperate turn it up by yourself!  

Sunday Soothing: Chillaxin

That time when sun warms That time when wind and waves beckon Sun kissed skin Games and walks Flowers and cloud gazing Breezes bowing grasses Golden and Blue  

Some provoking Confucius

I do think the Chinese sage could be a tad sarcastic at times!   "Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change."   But even then he did get straight to the point!   "In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed...