Sunday Soothing: Attitude

No matter the climate what we fix our gaze upon Will influence How the last & How the next is seen within our hearts! Do we fix our thoughts on what went wrong, what hurt, who was not there? or Do we search our...

Happy feelings

When Fun is shared The Sun breaks through the clouds A child's laughter Quiet moments with loved ones A job well done Achieving something new Doing the unexpected Reading a good book Listening to good music Sun on a field...

ST: Tease

Just thinking of what is attractive and doing Melts and then excites!  

Just because

 In silvery shimmers bathing in the romantic glow best shared within loving arms dreaming and scheming for come what may 'tis but now far away in the moon's shining spell

Sunday Soothing: Knowing

  Just the knowing you belong and are accepted Begins the stately march toward the unkown in a quiet confidence Even the stumbles and stutters Are taken in stride for your foibles are known not rejected or denied. ...