ST: with a bit of OSW

When the thought of you stirs the soul with warmth and joy desire springs in flame!  

ST: from the zoo?

A haiku inspired by the animals found at the zoo! Camel Man's like a camel so extra proud of his hump Girls say "He Came Hell"!   Lynx Women are like Lynx Aloof and purring softly and ready to pounce

Sunday Soothing: Dreams

Visions Elysian Soothing singing sounds Contemplate what may be Sauntering strolls Beauty surrounding Strength to the challenges a modicum of suspense Yet calmly met and surmounted Come what the vision carries Hurried or...

Tuesday Listening?

A starry mystic night warm air caressing two gentle explorations romantic whisperings hearts confiding trust enveloping Romance is cultivated as each treasures the moment.

So what's in your library?

A library implies an act of faith. ~ Victor Hugo It is an act that implies a faith in value accrued.  It is an act of faith in the usefullness to the future.  It is an act of faith that you will continue in the enjoyment of the collections.